Why become a green driver.

Taxiplon took the first step towards green movement, launching in collaboration with Nissan the first electric taxi in Greece, the Nissan Leaf.

To contribute to a more environmentally friendly movement, we are launching a series of actions to encourage our drivers to turn to electrification. Our goal is for the next two years to be able to offer the users of our application the choice of electric movement.

Specifically, our partner driver drivers who have an electric taxi, will have 2 years completely free at Taxiplon. This means that they can accept calls and serve routes without any financial burden. Our <> will receive a free device from us for using the Taxiplon driver application. Taxiplon will also provide a 10% discount on electric car insurance to insurance companies that cooperate with us.

If you are a taxi driver and you want to learn more or need help in choosing and buying an electric taxi, fill in the form here https://www.taxiplon.gr/become-our-partner/ and we will contact you immediately.

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