For those of you who prefer the phone to book your taxi for a business appointment, visit the doctor or plan your route to ports and airports, call us on 18222 or 2102773600 and an experienced agent from the largest call center in the area will be happy to serve you. Without waiting and with quality service, we will find the best solution for your transport.

You can still make an appointment for later without any extra charge or ask us anything you want about your transfers.

Don’t forget that if you have an eshop, with Taxiplon you can send your orders door-to-door in just 1 hour for a fee of €8!

Thessaloniki: 2310 519222
Mytilini: 22510 21500

Call a taxi via Viber!

You can now hail a Taxiplon vehicle via Viber. All you need to do is click on the following link using your smartphone. You will need to confirm your pickup address and press the hail button. It is as simple as that! Your ride will be at your location in a few minutes. It is simple, fast, and efficient!