Terms of Use


Thank you for using our products and services. Access to our website www.taxiplon.gr as well as use of our services and/or the Taxiplon Passenger application are subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use”), as applicable and as amended and in force. Please read them carefully:

  1. Definitions

Unless otherwise defined hereby, the terms and expressions below, when capitalized, shall have the following meaning:

“Company” is the societe anonyme under the corporate name “TAXIPLON SOCIETE ANONYME OF LOGISTICS APPLICATION” with the distinctive title “TAXIPLON HELLAS S.A.”, which has been incorporated and operates under Greek law, having its registered seat in Athens, at 20 El Alamein street, Nea Ionia, with Chamber of Commerce («Γ.Ε.ΜΗ.» in Greek) number 119205701000 and Tax Registration Number («Α.Φ.Μ.» in Greek) 800379413, DOY FAE ATHINON («Δ.Ο.Υ. ΦΑΕ Αθηνών» in Greek).

“Application” is the software of the transport coordination application “Taxiplon Passenger” for any electronic device or any web application belonging to our Company, designated for the Use of our Services.

“Website” means the present website under url address: www.taxiplon.gr

“Data” means all the data incorporated in the Website and/or the Application, including indicatively any table, diagram, graphics, information, report, analysis, text, photograph and any other data incorporated from time to time in our Website and/or Application.

“Third Party(-ies)” means any third party to the Company, natural person or corporate entity providing goods and/or services and/or acting as an agent for the provision thereof, while our Company acts an agent in relation to said goods and/or services, as displayed on and notified to the public via our Website.

“Service” has the meaning given to the term in paragraph 3 (Services Provided) hereof.

“Use” is (a) the access to, review, advise, storage (temporary or not) or other recording, in memory or in any other means magnetic or not, installation, display by any means, mechanical or not, including printing, of the Data of the Website and/or the Application, and/or (b) the use of our Services by any means, either via use of the Application, or by means of direct online booking via the Website or via our call center.

“User” or “Passenger” is (a) any visitor of the Website and/or the Application taking advantage of the possibilities offered, as analytically described thereby and/or (b) any natural person or corporate entity making Use of our Services, as applicable.

  1. Scope

These Terms of Use govern the rights and obligations of each User in relation to the Use of the Website and/or the Application, as well as of any Service of our Company.

Use of the Website and/or the Application and/or the Services (as defined under paragraph 3 below) provided by the Company by any means implies the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use and of any amendment thereof by any User. Use by any means of the Website and/or the Application and/or the Services of our Company is considered as deemed acceptance of the Terms of Use.

The Company has the right to amend and update the Terms of Use, without any reason or notification, while any amendment thereof shall be in writing and shall be incorporated hereby; thus, you shall regularly review the content of the Terms of Use. Any Use of the Website and/or the Application and/or the Services of our Company by any means is considered as deemed acceptance of the amended Terms of Use. In case of partial invalidity or unenforceability of certain terms, the validity of the rest of the terms shall remain unaffected.

In case you, for any reason, do not agree with the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy, please terminate your navigation in our Website immediately, do not install our Application or, in case you have already installed it, please uninstall it or any part of it immediately, either from your mobile phone or from your computer or from any other device and do not proceed with any Use of the Services of our Company by any means.

  1. Services provided

(Ι) Type of provided services

The Company is NOT a radio-taxi service provider, not a private leasing company, not a transport or postage service provider and as a result our Company does not provide transport and postage services.

The Company provides the following services (the “Services”):

  1. Liaises Users that wish to be transported by means of commercial motor passenger (hereinafter “CMP”) professional vehicles (taxi) with owners-professional CMP vehicles (taxi) drivers, either by using the Application or by means of direct online booking via the Website or via our call center.
  2. By cooperating with professional CMP vehicles drivers, provides: a) smart box services, namely delivery of documents, parcels and other objects upon arrangement, b) booking services for school appointments and c) transport services for health reasons.
  3. By cooperating with professional CMP vehicles drivers, provides business class services with executive driver, namely custom-made services tailored on User’s transportation needs by providing luxury vehicles through its partners.
  4. Provides the possibility to book tours through affiliated agencies providing thereof, as such services are mentioned in detail in the Website.

Provision of such Services is made and processed through all service channels of the Company’s network, namely either through the Website or through the Application or through telephone booking or through Companies’ associates and subcontractors in accordance with the instructions and further terms and conditions notified to the User, while making Use of said Services.

(II) Nature of services provided

The Company acts solely as an agent providing the aforementioned Services in association with Third Parties under the terms and conditions that such services are offered and provided by each Third Party. Access to and/or use of any provided information, services and goods provided by Third Parties, presupposes acknowledgement and unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use, as well as of the terms under which each good and/or service is provided by each Third Party, including the general terms of use as set and notified by each Third Party in relation to each good and/or provided service. In case any User, for any reason whatsoever, does not accept one or several of the terms of use as set and notified each time by the Third Parties, please do not proceed to making Use of the Services, otherwise the Terms of Use and the rest of the terms are deemed unreservedly accepted by said User.

The above apply accordingly also to phone bookings and Use of the provided Services through the Website.

In order for the Services to be successfully provided through the Website and/or the Application, it is necessary that the User provides information relating to the same that may consist of personal data, providing simultaneously its unreserved permission to the Company to collect, process, use and transmit to Third Parties any information necessary for their provision of services subject to the terms and conditions set by the relevant personal data protection policy and in accordance with the Privacy Policy of our Company, which the User, being aware of, accepts.

  1. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The Website has been constructed and is owned by the Company.

You hereby accept that any and all Data of the Website and the Application (indicatively trademarks, characteristics, pictures, services etc.) whether copyrighted or not, once uploaded on the internet constitute intellectual property of the Company and are protected in accordance with the Greek and European law, as applicable. The domain name www.taxiplon.gr is lawfully registered with the Hellenic Telecommunication and Post Commission («Ε.Ε.Τ.Τ.» as per its Greek acronym) and the “Taxiplon” logo is a lawfully registered commercial logo, being thus protected in accordance with the Greek and European law, as applicable.

Any use, copy, storage, reproduction, republication, transmission, issue, download, translation or amendment by any means of all or part of the Website and the Services provided without Company’s prior written approval is explicitly forbidden. Every Website User shall use the information provided through the Website exclusively and solely as designated, namely in order to proceed with the Service selected via the Website, and shall abstain from any attempt or action of reproducing, expropriating, copying, distorting, amending and generally using such information without any authorization or not in a designated way. The same applies to all logos and distinctive characteristics referring to Third Parties or to any predecessor thereof.

In case of a breach, User’s account may by deactivated by the administrators of our Website without any notification and our Company reserves any and all of its lawful rights.

  1. Limitation of Liability

The Company shall not be held liable for any damage or harm or consequence arising thereby to the User resulting from the Use of the Website and/or the Application and/or the Services provided.

The Website and the Application are provided AS IN FORCE and AS APPLICABLE, without any warranty of appropriateness for any purpose, uninterrupted availability, data security or error omittance and the Company shall not be responsible for any faulty operation. The Company shall in no case be considered to provide any warranty in relation to the correctness, completeness and availability of the Website and/or the Application and/or Services. There is no warranty from our Company that our Services are provided through linked websites or other servers that are virus- or malicious software – free and thus we shall not be responsible to restore any damage arising thereunder. Our Company takes any action necessary to avoid malicious actions or malfunctions against User of the Website and/or the Application and wishes for them to function properly.

In addition, our Company has no liability/fault, wither civil or penal arising out of the Services and more specifically:

a. with regard to transport services:

Once the Third Party accepts the route requested, a transport contract is concluded between the Third Party and the Passenger. We shall not bear any liability under any cause in relation to improper performance of the transport contract by the Third Parties towards the Passengers. We shall not bear any liability under any cause in relation to improper performance of the transport contract by the Passengers towards the Third Parties. Indicatively, the Company is not liable for a pick-up failure, inappropriate conduct, refusal to pay transport fee, breach of highway code etc.

b. with regard to fixed leasing time (appointment):

A taxi appointment (fixed time leasing) is processed either via the call center or via the Application or via online booking platform.

A minimum five (5) euro fee is applicable to fixed time leasing.

In case the booking is not processed within the fixed timeslot, the Company is not liable when this is due to force majeure events (weather condition, striker etc) or due to non-availability of a proper vehicle or due to any other accidental event (damaged vehicle or sudden illness of the driver).

In any case we use our best efforts to serve you best in order to meet to your needs and our sense of responsibility when it comes to our services.

c. with regard to accessing the Application though the Internet

Internet connection is necessary in order to use the Application. Our Company uses its best effort so that the Application is accessible any time. However, taking into consideration that accessing the Application might be affected by other factors lying with the User’s internet provider, our Company shall bear no liability for any non-availability of the Application or for any difficulty or incapacity to download the Application file or to access its content or for any other network failure (e.g. network drain of User’s provider), resulting to the Application not being available to the User.

d. with regard to services provided by Third Parties

We inform you that our Company is simply acting as an agent in relation to the rest of its Services, in order for you to be further served by third affiliated companies and in case you proceed with a booking, as set and provided for in the Website, you mandate our Company to act as an agent so that the Third Party provides its services and the latter becomes exclusively liable for the services provided by the same and you are bound by the terms and conditions to which said booking is subject. The booking mandate is binding for the User, being in any case liable to discharge the relevant fee, unless provided otherwise, in accordance with the cancellation policy applicable to said service. In case there is a possibility to cancel or amend or even repudiate the contract in accordance with the Third Party’s terms, the User is notified accordingly and said terms are applicable in relation also to any refundable amount or termination fee amount. In addition thereto, the Company may charge the termination fee or any booking modification fee, as applicable to each Service and published in the Website. It is noted that the initial payment/charge in order to process the booking or payable as commission is not refundable, unless otherwise explicitly provided.

e. with regard to the booking completion:

The personal data required for completion of the booking are stored only during completion thereof and our Company in no case uses them further. The User is fully liable for the accuracy of its personal data and for the booking, payment in advance, full payment, cancellation and modification thereof. Our Company confirms you the booking by means of an email and you may save/print a copy of the booking terms for any future reference and in order for you to know the applicable provisions. In case the User does not receive a booking reference number (either via a confirmation page, or via an e-mail or on its mobile phone) after the submission of its details in order to process the transaction or in case of an error message or interruption of service during the transmittal of its data, it is the User’s liability to contact our Company immediately in order to be informed whether its transaction has been processed or not. We bear no liability monetary of for any other User’s loss, if for any reason he has not received a confirmation of its booking/transaction.

Our Company is not liable for any interruption, delay or deterioration of the quality of its Services due to reasons lying out of its control, namely due to force majeure events, including indicatively strikes, accidents, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes or other natural phenomena, terrorist attaches, damage to the public telecommunications network or to third parties’ telecommunications networks etc.

  1. User’s Liability

The User accepts hereby that he has read, understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and undertakes to comply with the rules of conduct. While subscribing for the Application, each User is given a personal password and each User is personally liable for any action taking place during Use of the Application by said personal password. Installation and Use of the Application as well as any update thereof is made by the User through internet. In case you require any information or clarification, please contact use BEFORE you subscribe.

Each created account is strictly personal and approved solely for one natural person, in accordance with the information submitted by the same, while accuracy and truth of the submitted information lies exclusively with the same, having the obligation to check correctness of their data and keep them updated. In order to activate and use the Application, the unique TAXIPLON code assigned to you is required. Subscribed Users shall keep their username and password secret. In case of breach of any term, the Company has the right to cancel/deactivate or refuse to provide the password and deny any future Use of the Application.

The User is solely liable to properly submit its exact prick-up location, namely full address (street, number, postal code, area etc.) and requested date and pick-up time, in case of Use of the Application in order to book and appointment on a different date than the date and time of process. User’s location (street, number, area) appears automatically in the Application through the use of the navigation system of the User’s smart electronic device (smart phone, tablet etc.) provided such device has an internet connection. In case a smart electronic device does not provide the Application with the correct location of the User, the User is solely liable to correct its location, so that it appears on the Application with precision, before submitting its request and in general before Use of the Application.

For the rest of our Company’s SERVICES requiring first a “booking” from you, you shall read and approve the terms and conditions of each Third Party and only after approving them may the booking be processed. Our Company is merely acting as an agent in order to provide you with a Third Party’s services and bears no civil or penal liability due to any improper performance.

In each case, where the User has the possibility to publish or send via a personal message any information, audiovisual material, text, link or general file said User, who proceeded to such transmittal/publication is exclusively liable for their content. In any case the content of the above shall not:

  1. be illegal, insulting, slanderous, harmful for minors or expressive of ethnic, racial or other discriminations;
  2. infringe third parties’ intellectual or ownership rights;
  3. contain any virus, malicious software and spam that might cause temporary or permanent damage/malfunction to any equipment (hardware and software) of an electronic computer and generally, interferences and interruption in the operation of the servers or any telecommunication network;
  4. contain any false statement in relation to the User or imitation of any person (natural or corporate entity).

You agree that our Company has the permission to freely use, reproduce, adjust, distribute and publicly promote part or all of the content submitted to or uploaded in our Website or in any affiliated website.

The User shall not use our Website to proceed to acts that may result to penal prosecution or to the commencement of any civil or administrative procedure against the Company, as well as for actions that could insult any right or legal interest of the Company or any third party. In case any third party initiates any litigation against the Company for infringement of any legal right falling within User’s liability in accordance with the Terms of Use, the Company reserves any recourse right against such User. Along with any third party’s claims, the Company reserves its rights to demand compensation by the User due to infringement of the Terms of Use and for any legal consequence arising thereof. In any case, upon accessing and using our Website, you agree that any exemptions and liability limitations are legitimate and reasonable.

You are aware of the fact that we reserve the right to modify or temporarily or permanently discontinue provision of all or part of our Services with or without any notification to the Users for reasonable cause and you acknowledge that there is no indemnification right in any way whatsoever against the Company arising thereby.

We reserve the right to remove or inactivate or limit your access to the material you submit, in case we think you violate the Terms of Use.

Any Use of the Website and/or the Application and/or our Services by minors is forbidden, who shall be supervised by their guardians and in any case it is explicitly forbidden for persons not having the legal capacity or not being legally authorized to undertake contractual obligations (such as to book the Services provided). 

  1. Charge of Services 
  • Subscription to the Application is FREE. Tariff fees are paid as applicable by the User directly to the Third Party either in cash or via debit or credit card or via POS.
  • Any call towards short call number 18222 is charged as a local call when processed via Cosmote network, while additional charges may apply when processed via other networks, in accordance with the fees policy of the telecommunication services provider.
  • For the rest of our Services and bookings, the Company may charge your credit card account, as provided while subscribing to our Services, in accordance with booking terms and conditions. Methods of payment and all relevant information are provided in detail before the completion of each transaction. The prices contained in our Website corresponding to a Service provided represent in full the consideration of such Service, including every tax and duty, as well as any remuneration of our Company in respect of the Services provided, as applicable while processing the booking, otherwise while concluding the transaction, unless otherwise specified in the Website.
  • Any fee in respect of the Services is paid and discharged in accordance with our Website. Discharge mainly takes place via credit card of the type(s) specified in the Website, while there might be a possibility to pay in cash in accordance with the instructions and conditions notified to the User by the Company.
  • The Company has the right to decline a booking request and terminate or cancel the transaction for security reasons.
  1. Security of transactions

We acknowledge that security of transactions is of pivotal importance.

In order to process transactions or payments made through our Website or our Application, our Company is affiliated with “EVERYPAY S.A.”, a payments institution, lawfully licensed by the Bank of Greece. “EVERYPAY S.A.” is PCI-DSS certified, as required by international organizations, and applies the necessary security policy, being continuously reviewed by a certified security auditor. All your information and personal data are encrypted based on the encryption protocol 128-bit (SecureSocketsLayer-SSL). All data are transmitted by means of encryption systems to collaborating banking institutions. Our Company neither registers nor saves payment processing data.

  1. Terms of subscription to newsletters

 Our website, in the context of its Services, offers to Users the possibility, upon their consent to subscribe though our Website and/or Application to and to receive newsletters of either via their email by providing details of their email address, or via SMS by providing their mobile phone. In case a User is not anymore interested in receiving newsletters, it may unsubscribe from the service, subject to our Privacy Policy terms and personal data protection.

  1. Hyperlinks (Links)

By using hyperlinks (links) in our Website, we offer to Users the possibility to access third parties’ websites. The use of such links serves solely the purpose of facilitating every User while browsing our Website. In no case shall it be considered as an acceptance or approval of the content of the websites connected with such link. Every link provides access to a different website, while browsing thereof is subject to the terms of use of such website. The Company shall in no case be held liable for the content and the privacy and personal data protection policy of the website interconnected to such link. Access to any website by making use of the links provided is under the sole responsibility of the User.

  1. Cookies Policy 

The Company may collect Users’ identification data by using relevant technology, such as cookies and Internet Protocol addresses identifiers.

Cookies are small files sent or saved on Users’ computer or on any other electronic device they may each time use to access the web, without however gaining access to any document or file of such device. The Application makes use of cookies for various reasons, in particular in order to facilitate User’s access to the Services provided in the web as well as for statistic reasons (e.g. website traffic, recording of visitors preferences, etc). The User may make adjust its browser so that, either it receives a notification by the websites it visits in relation to use of cookies or to prohibit use of cookies. In case the User does not wish to consent to use of cookies, it shall not have further access to such services.

  1. Personal Data Protection

The User has the obligation to provide its real details while using our Services.

More specifically, access details for the Application, whether created by the User or automatically and have been notified thereto (indicatively and not restrictively, payment passwords, log in passwords etc.) are strictly personal and the User is exclusively liable to protect them from any leakage, copy, infringement and notification to third parties.

We maintain files and process Users’ personal data in accordance with the legislation in force. For more information regarding the way we collect and process your personal data, please take some time to read and understand our Privacy Policy, where Users’ personal data processing is explained, in accordance with Greek and European legislation for protection from personal data processing (Greek law 2472/1997, as amended and in force), being an integral part hereof.

  1. Governing Law and Other Terms

Use of this Website, the Application and the Services of our Company are governed by Greek and European law, as well as by the Greek legislation on consumer protection (Greek law 2251/1994, as amended and in force) with regard to remote sales, to the extent such is applicable.

These Terms of Use, including any amendment thereof, and their interpretation, are governed by Greek and European law, as well as by relevant international conventions.

The courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute that may arise in relation to the above. Non-exercise or delay in exercising of any right by the Company shall in no case be considered as a waiver from such right.

Our Company wishes that any disputes that may arise out of the Use of the Website, the Application, our Services or out of the interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Use be settled amicably and out of court. In this context, in case you, as a User, track any faulty Data in our Website and/or Application, any problem with our provided Services, as well as for any update or information in relation to the present Terms of Use, please notify us on telephone: 2144165682 or via email: info@taxiplon.gr