One more step to green mobility.

A school of the Taxiplon process for the appearance of the movement technology in Greece or its application with Blink Charging Hellas. Power supplies professionally approach multimeter subdivisions of our use we use remote available to what I need and required information for charging.

The existing cooperation envisages the future development of an expanded “green” network for charging electric taxis in various parking lots of commercial vehicles – taxis not only so that professional drivers can move smoothly on the streets of Athens but also use electricity from renewable energy sources. charging their vehicle battery. Mr. Nikos Nikolaou, CEO of Taxiplon stated about the cooperation.”We are extremely proud that Taxiplon SA Partners with Blink, one of the largest companies in the world for the production and installation of electric chargers, in order to optimally serve the new fleet of electric taxis, which we first introduced to the Greek market at the end of 2020.After thanking the executives of Taxiplon and Blink for their efforts to make this collaboration possible, I would like to invite professional drivers to contact us to learn about the benefits of e-mobility in the taxi industry and become a member of Taxiplon , the most dynamically and technologically evolving company in the field of taxi! ”

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