Nissan and Taxiplon launch the first electric taxi in Greece!

Taxiplon, in collaboration with Nissan, introduces the first electric taxi in Greece, pioneering the use of electric propulsion in the daily routes of passengers and making transportation more environmentally friendly.

At the handover ceremony of the first electric taxi car, held at Nissan’s – Nick. I. Theocharakis SA headquarters, Taxiplon’s President, Mr. Argyris Katsantonis, stated: “At Taxiplon, we closely monitor all the developments that take place in the field of urban transport technology and taxis. We are glad to introduce the first electric taxi in Greece in our fleet, offering another innovative service to our customers. We thank Nissan-Theocharakis, for the support they provided in our effort to introduce the first purely electric taxi car in the taxi industry. With this initiative, Taxiplon takes a small first step towards the reduction of pollutants and noise in the city of Athens, while offering an unparalleled comfort experience to the passengers who will choose our electric taxi cars for their transportation around the city ”

Nissan LEAF was Taxiplon’s choice to be the first electric taxi car in the Greek market. Equipped with a 62Kwh battery, this model is expected to shake the waters in the taxi industry in Greece. The Nissan Leaf comes with the reliability and the technologies Nissan have developed over a period of almost 10 years, offering top comfort for both driver and passengers.

The specific model can run almost 400 km on a single charge, at a cost of a third of a conventional car. Electric cars have extremely low maintenance costs and along with the fact that are ECO friendly and fun to ride will eventually become a necessity for the Greek taxi drivers.

At Taxiplon we always follow closely all technological advancements in the taxi industry, and we are proud to be the first to introduce the first electric taxi car in the market, hoping that we will see soon others following our initiative!

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