Indoor Digital Taxi Advertising

A new means of digitally displaying indoor advertising messages, is available for the first time from Taxiplon.

By offering the opportunity to embody an advertising message through digital technology, advertisers can communicate with an audience that is continuously updated! Utilizing the fleet of partner vehicles as a communication channel, a targeted message is displayed on a 10” digital screen mounted on the passenger seat headrest.

The ad is displayed in an environment where distractions are limited, and the display is activated based on predefined targeting parameters. Advertisers have the option to target audiences based on the car’s geographical location, time, and day of the week, as well as additional targeting options for even more effective and uninterrupted message displays and guaranteed views. Metrics provided include number of viewers, conversions and other data that support a reliable audience analysis.

For more information on how to advertise your products and services through this innovative digital advertising program, please contact us on and our marketing crew will contact you the soonest possible.

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