EJEKT FESTIVAL. A trip to music with Taxiplon!

Within the framework of our annual sponsorship programs, TAXIPLON chose to participate as a sponsor at EJEKT Festival 2017, the top open-air music festival in Athens.

In collaboration with ROCK FM, Taxiplon offered for free 10 concert tickets to the station’s lucky audience, giving them the opportunity to watch live the British rock band CASABIAN as well as the legendary KILLERS, in two unforgettable concerts on 24/6 and 14/7 at the Water Plaza in P. Faliro.

In addition to that, TAXIPLON offered the chance to the lucky winners of the contest to move to the concert venue free of charge with a TAXIPLON taxi, thus providing the required safety and comfort to the whole experience.

Since 2005, EJEKT Festival has hosted some of the biggest names in modern music, including Muse, Killers, Kasabian, New Order, Beastie Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Editors, Bad Religion, James, Faith No More and many other well-known and emerging artists.

TAXIPLON was there as well!

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