e-Smart box

e-Smart box

Do you own an e-shop? Are you having a hard time delivering your products to your customers on time? We have the solution for you to stand out from the competition. Give your customers the option to schedule their delivery purchases easily, quickly, and safely. Use Taxiplon’s New e-smart box platform to increase your sales and optimize your delivery time

Last-minute buyers

Immediate delivery of premium and daily products.

Taxiplon designed the e-smart box platform to, to deliver orders immediately to customers who decide to shop at the last minute in just a few clicks. Now you can serve your customers any time of the day, 365 days a year.

Live time tracking

A premium service comes with the appropriate support!

You can use our platform to track and monitor all the order stages up to the delivery of the goods. You can also have the option to check all the orders through a full reporting tool .

We track and monitor the vehicle’s position in real-time and therefore, we guarantee the timely delivery of the products to your customer.

e- Smart box integration

Call now for a full presentation of Taxiplon’s e-Smart Box service!

Our tech team will integrate our platform with your e-shop, so that an additional immediate delivery (i.e., 2-hour door to door delivery) option will become available wherever you see fit.  The cost of this premium service will appear automatically to the customer, so the whole process will be crystal clear for all sides involved. All you have to do is add the address and press an instant call and our system will do the rest!

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